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At Lightfoot, we make fleet management easy by providing all the essential tools to boost fleet safety, keep operational costs low, improve productivity, and limit vehicle downtime to an absolute minimum.

We know that managing a rail fleet brings its own set of challenges – from the logistical planning of both scheduled and unscheduled work to the need to complete more jobs in less time, all whilst sticking to strict health and safety standards whilst continuously meeting the public’s expectations. That’s why we’ve developed an all-in-one solution that handles every aspect, so you can take your fleet further without the hassle.

We help train company fleets:

Reduce fuel and maintenance costs

Keep fuel and maintenance costs down

Better drivers use less fuel and cause less damage. Lightfoot is proven to reduce fuel consumption by 15%1 and prevent up to 45%1 of vehicle wear and tear.

environmental impact

Improve sustainability and efficiency

Small adjustments make a big difference, with 15%3 fewer CO2 and NOx emissions. EVs benefit too, with 15%4 more range per charge.

Increase driver safety

Boost road safety and driver wellbeing

Wave goodbye to dangerous driving, with Lightfoot preventing 40%5 of at-fault accidents and keeping insurance claims low.

1. Lightfoot client data collected 2019-2021 | 2. Endorsed by Ian Thorn, CEF | 3 .Lightfoot client data collected 2018-2020
4. Lightfoot trials conducted January-April 2022 | 5. Validated by Allianz Insurance Plc.
Discover how to boost savings, safety, and sustainability within your fleet

Discover how to make your rail fleet safer, stronger, and more sustainable

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Discover how Lightfoot can save you money

Lightfoot and ICE vehicles

Discover how Lightfoot can save you money, lower your environment impact, and boost driver engagement in your petrol and diesel vehicles.

need help transitioning to an EV fleet

Lightfoot and EVs

Learn how Lightfoot can aid with your electric vehicle transition, boost range in existing EVs, and even improve driver charging behaviour.

Discover how to boost savings, safety, and sustainability within your fleet

Fleet telematics

Find out how you could streamline fleet operations, track vehicles, and respond to emergency jobs with Lightfoot’s advanced telematics suite.

Proudly made in Britain

Made in Britain

At Lightfoot, we’re proud to be a UK-based company helping railway fleets up and down the country to experience unrivalled improvements in all aspects of performance. We design, produce, and install all Lightfoot devices here in Britain, and we offer dedicated support from our expert, friendly team situated in our Devon office, with your own account manager for ongoing assistance.

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