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Mark, our CEO to this day, was involved with a business that completed hybrid van conversions but ran into trouble with one particular client. They had taken delivery of a fleet of vans with first-in-class hybrid engines, but saw barely any change in efficiency… Something wasn’t adding up.

After tearing the engines apart and analysing every nut and bolt in search of an answer, the team eventually realised that having a clean engine is only part of the solution. The person behind the wheel has as much responsibility for performance and efficiency as what’s beneath the bonnet.

“If a driver is inefficient, their vehicle will be too.”

And so, Lightfoot was born.

We’ve been helping businesses and drivers save fuel and reduce emissions ever since and, today, our technology is used by hundreds of companies across the UK. We even launched Lightfoot to private motorists in late 2018.

We’ve been growing at a supersonic rate, with 2018 our strongest year yet. We received close to £5m (combined) in funding from Innovate UK and BGF and moved to our new award-winning HQ, Innovation Valley.

  • Board Directors
  • Leadership Team
  • The Growth Team
  • Sales, Trials & Implementation
  • Account Management
  • Customer Service
  • Engineering
  • Finance & HR
  • Data Science
  • Quality & IT
  • All together

Mark Roberts

Rupert Lyon Taylor
Managing Director

Martin Kadhim
Partnership Director

Jeremy Ellison
Finance Director

Kevin Hennelly
Sales Director

Dr John Poxon
Head of Product Management

Calum Roke
Head of Engineering

Kayleigh Williams
Senior Financial Controller

Milly Harding
HR Manager

Jasmine Thomas
Sales Ledger Clerk

Olivia Frear
Management Accountant

Nick Dart
Supply Chain Coordinator

Leo Giongo
Internal Operations Manager

Janet Byers
Head of Quality

Liam Brewer
IT Systems Engineer

Emily Johnson
Lightfoot Technology Specialist

David Fiddler
Lightfoot Technology Specialist

Derek Hart
Lightfoot Fleet Specialist

Claire Cassidy
Lightfoot Fleet Specialist

Mike Quinn
Lightfoot Fleet Specialist

Haydon Davis
Pre Sales Manager

Fiona Kennardsmith
Trials & Implementation Executive

Eszter Jendruszak
Trials & Implementation Executive

Laila Owen
Engagement Manager

Olivia Nustedt
Senior Sales Support Coordinator

Tom Barrie
Fleet Account Manager

Jade Wakeman
Fleet Account Manager

John Hughes
Fleet Account Manager

Sarah McLaughlin
Customer Support Manager(Servicing)

Dave Hannah
Technical Manager

Wendy Harding
Fleet Account Coordinator

Alice Gloyn
Fleet Account Executive

Leandra Walker
Fleet Account Coordinator

Jill Hedge
Servicing Scheduler

Matthew Hiscock
Customer Support Manager(System)

Natalie Jones
Customer Support Associate

Rosie Wilson
Engagement Assistant

Tom Rogers
Contracted Mobile Engineer

Chris Wills
Contracted Mobile Engineer

Nick Kushnaryov
Senior Data Analyst

Annabell Martin
Junior Data Analyst

Ben Atherton
Senior Full Stack Developer

Darrell Goss
Senior Full Stack Developer

James Kerslake
Full Stack Developer

Phil Bate
PHP/MySQL Developer

Alex Cooke
Server Management

Paul Hope
Server Management

David Buckingham
Electronics Engineer

Rob Rolls
Embedded Firmware Engineer

George Bennett
Technical Support Engineer

David Nicholls
Head of Growth

Hannah Bradley
Engagement Manager

Marc Atkins
Lead Designer

Dan Moth

Nicky Davis
Commercial Coordinator & Assistant to the CEO

Paul Pugsley
Commercial Executive

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