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The green tech company committed to making fleets safer, cleaner, and more cost-effective

Our story

Lightfoot’s mission to create better drivers in each and every fleet began in 2013.

Our story

Lightfoot’s mission to create better drivers in each and every fleet began in 2013.

Mark Roberts

Our founder, Mark Roberts, was involved in a project to deliver hybrid vans that could save on both fuel and emissions. The advanced technology was tried and tested, but it failed to produce the expected results once the vans were out on the road. Something wasn’t adding up.

driven inefficiently

After careful analysis, Mark realised the reason these converted vans weren’t reaching their full potential wasn’t a technological issue at all – it was all down to the way they were being driven. After all, no matter how optimised a vehicle is, if it’s driven inefficiently, it will always be inefficient.

lightbulb moment

This lightbulb moment led to the creation of Lightfoot, with a goal of improving driver performance to ensure that every fleet experiences the benefits of lower costs, reduced risk, and less environmental impact.

Lightfoot has always sought to be different

Whilst traditional telematics systems have historically relied on Big Brother-style data collection and a disciplinary approach to driver training, Lightfoot has always sought to be different. We believe in driver empowerment and engagement, giving those behind the wheel the power to drive change in fleets.

The drivers lottery

Through Lightfoot, drivers become self-managing, with the real-time feedback they receive allowing them to adjust their driving on the go. Better driving performance is incentivised and rewarded, with those who drive safely and efficiently able to win cash prizes, giveaways, and a top spot on the leader board.

ev expense report

By leading with the carrot instead of the stick, Lightfoot has already delivered lasting change in hundreds of fleets, helping to build lifelong driving habits that everyone benefits from.

Our core values

To care

We will put the needs of all our customers first and ensure that the Lightfoot customer experience is our differentiator.

To deliver

We will be easy to do business with, taking personal ownership, responding quickly and keeping customers informed.

To innovate

We will adapt to our customers’ needs and continually improve.

Our leadership team

Mark - Founder


Rupert - CEO


Paul - Managing Director

Managing Director

Neil - Chief Financial Officer

Chief Financial Officer

Martin - Partnership Director

Partnership Director

Calum - Chief Technology Officer

Chief Technology Officer

David - Growth Director

Growth Director

Ben - Client Services Director

Client Services Director

Our awards & accreditations

Business Van Awards winner
FleetNews Awards 2023
Best performing company 2023
Peer-group Best Performer 2023
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Business Van Awards winner
global goods award
27001 logo
Last Mile delivery solutions award
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Sustainability Awards

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