Lightfoot device and app, the new approach to fleet telematics

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The carrot, not the stick

Traditional telematics

The stick

Big Brother, management-lead approach (top down)

Performance management and penalties

Reactive to retrospective data

Black Box – no understanding of how vehicle works

Little or no driver improvement

The stick approach is traditional telematics

The Lightfoot approach

The carrot

Empowering drivers to self manage(bottom up)

Drivers incentivised and rewarded

Preventative – real time change

Intelligent tech, connected to vehicle ECU, EV compatible

Instant & sustained cleaner, safer & more efficient driving

The Lightfoot approach

Don't just take our word for it

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Since 2013, almost 250 businesses with over 50,000 drivers have trusted Lightfoot to improve their fleet efficiency – and deliver a return on investment.

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