Range – the silent killer of EV dreams…

Range – the silent killer of EV dreams…

EV Range will re-emerge as the primary challenge once EVs fleets are operational

  • Driver behaviour has the biggest impact on EV range
  • Commercial EV fleets need consistent driver performance to achieve consistent EV range
  • Good drivers get over 15% more range than bad drivers
  • Imagine if you could be certain that you only had good drivers…that makes EV Fleets more feasible
Driver Behaviour increases range

Uniformity of driving styles across the fleet – the ultimate range extender

  • Why risk letting diverse driving styles destroy Electric dreams?
  • In-cab coaching ensures conformity of driving styles, reliable and repeatable range throughout the fleet
  • It feels unimaginable to deploy and EV fleet without investing the key to its success – the driver
  • Lightfoot maintains 90% of drivers at the level only the top 3% achieved without Lightfoot
Driver Behaviour increases range

Driver Behaviour increases EV range

Simple and effective EV solution

  • Lightfoot’s unique In-cab Driver Behaviour
  • Up to 40% reduction in accidents
  • Over 15% increase in range
Gamification and Rewards

Gamification and Rewards

Elite Drivers win prizes in week Drivers Lottery

  • 1-in-10 drivers win cash each week
  • Self-managing approach to better driving behaviour
It's easy to forget to charge

It's easy to forget…

  • ‘nudge’ reminders to charge via app notification
  • Configurable notification triggers, for eg:
    • Vehicle at HOME, not on charge, SoC below 20% = ‘PING’
  • Impacts the productivity of the entire following day…
Drivers in control of SoC and Range

Drivers in control of SoC and EV Range

Live battery status displayed in-App

  • Drivers in control of battery charge
  • Simple in-app EV charge management
  • Simple in-App EV charge expenses
Identify Charges in-App

Identify EV Charges in-App

All charges displayed in the App:

  • Full list of charges & kWh charged
  • HOME charges auto-identified
  • Drivers Toggle between PUBLIC and WORK to identify charge type
  • View on map to check EV charge location
Business & Private Mileage Reporting

Business & Private Mileage Reporting

Paperless Mileage Claims

  • Toggle between Business & Private
  • HMRC compliant
  • Timesaving, accurate mileage claims in seconds
  • Slash admin and bogus claims
Submit Charge Expenses in-App

Submit EV Charge Expenses in-App

Review summary and submit

  • Summary of total energy charged by charge type
  • Display Cost per kWh expense
  • Calculates expense claim
  • Submit for payment

Endorsed by supermarkets, utilities and telecoms, rail and construction, and more…

Endorsed by supermarkets, utilities and telecoms, rail and construction, and more…

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