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Save money on fuel, reduce harmful emissions every time you drive

The technology
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The score

Elite Driver standard is 85%

After every journey, you get a score that reflects how smoothly you have driven.

The goal is simple – aim for Elite Driver standard by keeping the lights green as often as possible.

Nobody’s ever going to be 100% perfect, driving just isn’t like that. That’s why we set our Elite Driver standard at 85%.

This allows plenty of leeway for you to overtake other road users, quickly build speed on slip roads, and drive in other ways that are inefficient but necessary in everyday driving.

The app

The Lightfoot app is your go-to place for all things smooth driving.

You can check your score, join leagues, view competitions and rewards, and edit your account and Lightfoot settings.

The Lightfoot app also lets you categorise journeys as business or private use, making it easy to separate journeys if you need to make mileage claims. It’s as simple as pressing a button.

Lightfoot business mileage | Fleet Software

You can also use the Lightfoot app to check up on your vehicle’s health and road legality. Fault alerts, battery health, and MOT/tax reminders are all available on the My Vehicle page.

The Lightfoot app is your go-to place for all things smooth driving

Lightfoot makes positive difference for

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