Traditional telematics are dead. Lightfoot is the game changing fleet management solution

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Real-time feedback that coaches safer, smoother driving habits
how lightfoot works

Lightfoot uses engine efficiency to inform driver feedback in real-time, rather than relying on retrospective data.

The results are transformative.
claims frequency reduction
Claims Costs Reduction
down time reduction

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Potential yearly fuel savings

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Innovative driver engagement

Making time behind the wheel less harmful and more rewarding

The Lightfoot app helps drivers build their driving CV to earn personal benefits, discounts and rewards.

  • Live and historic scores
  • Leagues and competitions
  • Free entry to The Drivers’ Lottery
  • Discounts and rewards
  • Mileage, vehicle checks, vehicle health - all in one place

Since 2013, almost 200 businesses with over 30,000 drivers have trusted Lightfoot to improve their fleet performance – and deliver a return on investment.

Prices start from £14

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Lightfoot helps every fleet

20 vehicle fleet
potential yearly savings

30mpg | 20,000mi p/a

  • Fuel - £8,620
  • CO2 - 10t
  • Accidental damage - £1,600
  • Downtime - £1,782
  • Total annual saving (additional profit) - £12,002

100 vehicle fleet
potential yearly savings

25mpg | 25,000mi p/a

  • Fuel - £64,700
  • CO2 - 70t
  • Accidental damage - £8,000
  • Downtime - £8,910
  • Total annual saving (additional profit) - £81,610

500 vehicle fleet
potential yearly savings

20mpg | 30,000mi p/a

  • Fuel - £485,000
  • CO2 - 550t
  • Accidental damage - £40,000
  • Downtime - £44,550
  • Total annual saving (additional profit) - £569,550

Fleet telematics

Full tracking | Driver ID | Geofences | Harsh events | Idling reports

All the features you get from telematics providers, but with a whole lot more…

View our full list of features

Fleet features list

Vehicle Health Management

Fault alerts | Preventative Maintenance | Tax/service/MOT

Proactively manage your fleet with Lightfoot’s Vehicle Health Management functionality.

See vehicle fault codes as soon as they register in the ECU and schedule proactive maintenance.

  • P0305 - Cylinder 5 Misfire Detected
  • P0319 - Rough Road Sensor B Signal Circuit
  • P0325 - Knock Sensor 1 Circuit (Bank 2 or Single Sensor)
Reduce downtime, wear and tear, and defleeting costs.

Daily vehicle checks

Simple checklist | Paperless | Duty of Care

No more clipboards and illegible handwriting, Lightfoot’s daily vehicle checklist is integrated in the drivers’ app, with rewards that incentivise getting the job done.

Drivers highlight advisory and failure items and simply submit the form when they’re done.

Quick, easy, and accountable.

Business vs Private mileage

One button | HMRC compliant | Reduced admin

Separate business and personal journeys with the press of a button in the driver app or in-cab.

Export journey details, submit accurate mileage claims in seconds and eliminate bogus claims.

Journey 1

Journey 2

Paperless mileage claims slash admin time (and save trees!)

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