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An innovative solution that puts the driver in control

Endorsed by supermarkets, utilities and telecoms, rail and construction, and more…

Endorsed by supermarkets, utilities and telecoms, rail and construction, and more…

How it works

Lightfoot is fully connected to a vehicle’s onboard computer and employs advanced artificial intelligence to ‘understand’ the vehicle.

The system can detect gear selection, revs, engine load, payload, whether a vehicle is going uphill or downhill and even whether it’s towing.

Lightfoot’s driver coaching was developed by behavioural scientists and psychologists to make drivers aware of what they’re doing and compel them to make changes before poor driving happens.

Very quickly, this leads to safer, smoother and more efficient drivers.

But Lightfoot also understands that sometimes a driver needs to drive outside of a vehicle’s sweet spot, for example, when accelerating on a slip road or at a roundabout.

This does not impact a drivers’ ability to earn rewards and incentives as Lightfoot is all about reducing prolonged aggressive driving across the board for maximum gain.

Transformative results

up to 15% MPG gain
up to 40% accident reduction
up to 45% downtime reduction

Many companies who turn to Lightfoot have had telematics systems for years. Some have provided data managers have then had to communicate to drivers in a top-down way. Others have amounted to nothing more than telematics trackers. Either way, the result is the same – inefficient, ineffective and outdated.

Now fleet managers and companies are realising that this approach to fleet management is fundamentally broken and the wrong way around.

Instead, they are looking to Lightfoot’s bottom-up fleet management solution to engage drivers in real-time and reward them for their performance – empowering those in the driving seat to drive change.

Case Study – Bates Office Services

One satisfied customer who has seen the undisputable impact of Lightfoot, is Ben Hensby, Operations Director at Bates Office Services.

According to Ben, the ‘crystal clear’ ROI offered by Lightfoot made the system’s rollout across the fleet the easiest sell he’s ever had to make to the board of directors.

With its vehicles covering almost a million miles a year, Bates saw a 13% reduction in its fuel bill, equating to a saving of around £7,000 every month.

Lightfoot also reduced accidents resulting in an insurance claim from 15 to just one in its first full year of operations

Best of all for Ben, Lightfoot’s ease of use meant the improvements and savings were driven by the drivers themselves, without the need for time-heavy management.

Self-managing drivers


Lightfoot’s unique approach to fleet compliance and fleet management makes it super easy to use either with ICE vehicles or fully electric.

It delivers real change and return on investment with minimal management intervention.

Our experience shows that reduced fuel costs and improved accident rates will be seen almost instantly.

  • Virtually self-managing system
  • Removes the need for difficult conversations with drivers
  • Gives fleet managers back more time for other important activities
  • Proactive prevention, instead of penalties and performance management
  • No need to compile and analyse monthly reams of data (Telematics data is still available if required)

Elite Driver standard

The Lightfoot app is your go-to place for all things smooth driving

Nobody’s ever going to be 100% perfect—driving just isn’t like that. That’s why we set our Elite Driver standard at 85%.

  • With Lightfoot ‘off’, 3% of drivers achieve Elite
  • With Lightfoot ‘on’, 80% of drivers achieve Elite

This allows plenty of leeway for drivers to overtake other road users, quickly build speed on slip roads, and drive in other ways that are inefficient but necessary in everyday driving.

With 80% of drivers achieving Elite Driver status Lightfoot can make the biggest impact on reducing fleet fuel costs or, with electric vehicles, maximising range.

What’s more, drivers will be even more engaged with the chance to access rewards, including cash prizes through the Lightfoot Drivers’ Lottery.

Customisation of in-cab messaging

Customisation of in-cab messaging

Lightfoot’s unique in-cab messaging technology is fully customisable and can be utilised for bespoke company communications requirements and to ensure fleet compliance.

Find out more by speaking to one of our Fleet Specialists.

Driver ID

Driver Behaviour with Lightfoot

We recognise that it is critical for many fleets to have a driver ID system in order to optimise their operations and allocate their drivers' score correctly.

We have developed a simple Driver ID module to ensure that scores and rewards are attributed to individual drivers, rather than vehicles.

This can be used as an alert button by the driver which sends a notification to the fleet manager when pressed.

Press before ID code to log journey/s for ‘business’ mileage.

Press before ID code to log journey/s for ‘private/ personal’ mileage.

Endorsed by the Insurance Industry

Endorsed by the Insurance Industry

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